How to find Indian Bank CIF Number in 2023-

Indian bank CIF number- Do you want to know how to find an Indian bank account CIF number?  If yes then you are in the right place. Here I am going to share how can I know my CIF number in Indian Bank. for your account. Today I tell you that Indian bank CIF number means what? How do I find the CIF number of Indian Bank with passbook or without passbook? Just read this post up to the end to know about Indian bank CIF number kya hai.

Indian bank CIF number

Indian bank CIF number means (Kya Hota Hai)

What is Cif number Indian bank- We know that each and every bank provides a number called CIF number. Similarly, Indian bank also issues CIF number to each and every customer who opens a bank account. CIf number is also known as customer Id number. It means CIF number and customer ID are the same. The full form of CIF is a customer information file. CIF number digits vary from bank to bank. Indian bank provides 9-10 digits CIF numbers to a new customer as well as an old customer. 

How to find Indian Bank Customer ID number

Sometimes, people forget this number and they have to use it while online transactions then they try to search on the internet ''how to find Indian bank CIF number?''. So today I am going to share all the methods to find the CIF number of Indian bank accounts

How to get Indian Bank CIf number (all method list)


Thorough Net Banking


Online Search


With passbook


Without passbook


Visiting bank branch


By calling customer care


Indian Bank CIF by SMS

Indian bank CIF number online search through internet banking

It is the most popular method to know CIF number. We already know that all banks provide net banking facilities to customers and after lockdown, maximum people are using the net banking facility of Indian bank. They did not want to visit the branch. If you are already using mobile banking of Indian bank then you have to follow the below procedure to find Indian Bank CIF number.
  • First of all, you have to login into Indian Bank Net banking from the official website. 
  • Just log in to Indian Bank net banking from here
  • Enter your user ID and password. 
  • After successful login, click on the My Account option. 
  • Then click on summary where your CIF number detail is available.
Screenshots of the above step-by-step process are placed below for quick reference.

Indian bank cif number kaise pata kare

How to get CIf number of Indian Bank

How to get Indian Bank CIF number by SMS

Indian bank CIF number with passbook

It is a simple process to get CIF number of Indian bank. We know that every bank issues a passbook for any type of savings account. The first page of the passbook contains all the information about customer account number, customer id number, address, bank branch name and branch address, IFSC code, etc.

CIF number is also printed on the first page of the Indian bank account passbook. Just get the passbook and find your Indian bank CIF number on it. 

Indian bank cif number without passbook

Find CIF number in Indian bank through Customer care number

We can also get cif number by calling customer care or toll-free number. Make sure that a registered mobile number should be used for calling customer care.

Just call on the Indian bank customer care number i.e. 180042500000 through a registered mobile number. Ask the executive to get your Indian CIF number. He will ask some questions related to your account for verification. After the verification, he will tell you the exact CIf number. 

Visit Branch to get your Indian bank account CIF number

Those people who don't have net banking knowledge, they have to visit the home branch to know the CIF number. Make sure one ID card should be brought into your pocket while visiting the branch. Ast bank staff to get CIF number detail they will provide you your Indian bank CIF information.

You also have to take the bank account number, ID card proof, address, name of the account holder, etc because bank staff will ask to provide account detail for verification. After proper verification, they will provide CIf number.

Indian bank CIF number without passbook

If you don't have your bank account passbook in your pocket, still you can find cif number by using the above methods. All methods are explained step-by-step. Just follow one procedure which one is your favorite and get CIF number without passbook.

FAQ on Indian Bank customer ID

Question 01- How can I know my CIF number in Indian Bank?
Answer- Yes, you can find your Indian bank account CIF number in the passbook and cheque where CIF (Customer ID) number is clearly printed.

Question 02- How can I get CIF number of Indian Bank by SMS?
Answer- Yes, You have to send an SMS by registered mobile number.

Question 03- How can I get CIF number from Indian Bank without passbook?
Answer- There are many methods available to find it. I mentioned all the methods above. You have to just follow one method. By using the above method you can sure get a CIF number in Indian bank without passbook.

Question 04- What is CIF number in Indian Bank Cheque Book?
Answer- It is a number of digits that are printed in the cheque book issued by the Indian bank. It is used for online transactions.

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