SB Order 2022- Hello Friends, we all know that the postal directorate issues various Sb orders each and every year. Similarly, Directorate will also issue SB orders in the year 2022. These SB orders are known as SB order 2022. Here I am going to share a list of all SB orders issued in the year 2022 including PDF download link. So just check the SB order 2022 list with full information and detail. 

SB order 2022 list

SB Order 2022 list full description with the PDF download link

SB Order 2022 list

Description in detail (SB order subject)

SB Order 2022 PDF download link

SB Order 01/2022

Stepssteps to be taken for smooth functioning of POSB operations and prevention of frauds in post offices

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SB Order 02/2022

Introduction of online PAN verification functionality in Finacle CBS system

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SB Order 03/2022

Circulation of POSB (CBS) Manual corrected up to 31.12.2021

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SB Order 04/2022

Mandatory use of Savings Account (PO Savings Account or Bank Account) for credit of monthly/ quarterly/ yearly interest in case of MIS/ SCSS/TD accounts

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SB Order 05/2022

Post Office Interest rates from 01.04.2022 to 30.06.2022

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SB Order 06/2022

Printing and Supply of AAR Books, ASLAAS-5 Cards, and POSB Cheques by the Department of Posts

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