DOPBNK [dopbnk full form]: Hey Friends, do you know VD DOP BNK message or dopbnk? Do you know, why these DOP BNK SMS will receive on my mobile? What is the full form of DOPBNK? Whether ID DOPBNK, VD DOPBNK, VM DOPBNK, VK DOPBNK, AD DOPBNK, BZ DOPBNK, IM DOPBNK, and TD DOPBNK messages are fraud or legal? Today, I am going to tell that what is DOPBNK messages. What is the dopbnk full form? So just read this post up to the end to know everything about these types of messages.


What is the full form of DOP BNK? (DOPBNK means)

DOPBNK full form is Department of Post Bank. It is the short form of the Department of Post Bank. Many people get receives messages on their phone from ID-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK but they still do not know that what is the meaning of DOPBNK. All the above senders are the same but these are categorized on the basis of transactions done by users.

Dop Bank


dop bnk full form

Department of post bank

dopbnk full form

Department of post bank

dopbnk means

Department of post bank

Dopbnk full name

Department of post bank

dopbnk bank

Department of post bank

Type of dopbnk messages

ax-dopbnk, ad-dopbnk, id-dopbnk, vd-dopbnk, vk-dopbnk, vm-dopbnk

Dopbnk messages are fake or legal


Why DOP BNK messages come on my mobile number?

As we know that each bank account asks to fill mobile number while the opening of account. The bank team will enter it into the system. 

If you have a Post Office Account or IPPB account in any post office, then you will surely get these types of messages. 

Just because, your mobile number is already registered in your Post office account and IPPB account. If you are doing any transaction into these accounts, you will get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

DOP BNK messages (SMS) are fraud or legal?

Yes, It is a legal SMS system of the Department of Post. When you do any transaction in the bank, like amount deposit, amount withdrawn, money transfer, pay bills, etc, then a confirmation message comes into our registered mobile number. 

Similarly, if we do any transaction in our Post office savings bank account and India Post Payment bank account, we receive a confirmation message from DOPBNK team on our registered mobile number.

The Department of Post Bank works under the Department of Posts, which again works under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India.

It means messages received from DOPBNK are totally legal. They give you a confirmation for each and every transaction done in your post office account (POSB) and India Post Payment Bank account.

list of Post office savings schemes- You can open these accounts in any post office.

DOP BNK message Sample (SMS)

Here I am going to share a sample image of these types of messages. You can see it from below. 


FAQs on DOP bnk

Question 01- What is the full form of DOP BNK?
Answer- DOP BNK full form is Department of Post Bank.

Question 02- What is Dopbnk?
Answer- It is a message system of the Department of Post bank. Post office customers receive DOPbnk messages on their mobile number. These messages are the confirmation message for transactions done in his post office account.

Question 03- What is the meaning of VD Dopbnk?
Answer-  DOPBNK means "Department of Post Bank"

Question 04- What is the full form of VD Dopbnk?
Answer- Full form of Dopbnk is "Department of  Post Bank"

Question 05- What is dopbnk message?
Answer- These are the messages send by the Department of Post Bank. DOPbnk messages receive in the form of ID-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, etc.

Question 06- What is dopbnk meaning?
Answer- DOPBNK means Department of Post Bank.

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