Know about Inland Letter Card and its Meaning

Do you know what is Inland Letter Card? How to write Inland letter? How to post Inland Letter Card? Here you will get Inland letter Card meaning and its use, size and much more.

Inland Letter Card

Inland Letter is the oldest way to send messages to family members and relatives. It was one of the  most popular communication medium to send messages. 

Inland Letter Card can be posted across India. We can't send Inland Letter to foreign countries. 

In nowadays, the trends of use of Inland letter is mostly slow, Therefore few Inland Cards are posted in India. 

The main reason for decreasing the use of Inland letters is the internet era. There are many electronic platforms is being used by Indian people to send messages. like, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I may be discontinued in the future.

Inland Letter Card Meaning

Inland Letter is a simple sheet of paper for writing the message. It is foldable and ready to stick to gummy. 

It has an impressive postage stamp of a particular value on it. These are issued by the post office for public use. 

People can purchase inland letter from any Post Office and They can send messages to their friends, customers, and family members using Inland Letter.

Inland Letter Image and Format

Find the below image of Inland letter card.

Inland Letter Sample Image PDF

Click here to download the Inland Letter PDF file for the sample image. 

If you want to post Inland Letters, then you have to purchase cards from your nearest post office. After writing the message on it, you have to post it into the letterbox of any post office.

Next dispatch work of this card, is done by the postal staff as per rules and regulation of the Department of Posts.

Size of Inland Letter Card with Dimension

Inland letters have a specific size and dimension which is specified by the Department of Posts.

Here you will find the right dimension of Inland letter in unfolded condition and folded condition as per PO Guide Part-1


  • Maximum - 30 cm. x 21 cm.
  • Minimum - 20 cm. x 14 cm.
  • Flaps. – Not exceeding 2.5. cm. x 12.5 cm. on one side and 1.5 cm. x 7.5 cm. on the other.


  • Maximum - 15 cm. x 10.5 cm.
  • Minimum - 10 cm. x 7 cm.

There shall be printed on the outside at the top left-hand corner on the address side of every folded letter intended for inland transmission, the words “Inland Letter Card”. No permission to attached any attachment with the Inland letter card.

How to write message on an Inland letter

An Inland letter should be written as per PO Guide Part-1st. These are as under-

  • You have to write the sender’s name as well as the address in two lines only.
  • You have to write the next set of lines in the letter (3-4 lines) is for the recipient’s address.
  • You have to write the message/content/body in the empty parts (typically 4 parts) in the letter.
  • After writing the message, the letter must be folded as per the rules and guidelines.
  • Paste gum on three corners. Now the letter is now ready to send. You have to post it into a nearest postbox.

Difference between Inland letter Card and Post Card

Many people still don't know about Inland Letter and Postcard. They think post card and inland letter are same. This is not right.

Actually, post card and inland letter card are different products of India Post. Postcard is a simple card where the written message is free to open but Inland letter is folded and pasted with gum.

Anyone can read message written on postcard but message written on inland letter card can't be read by anyone because it is folded and pasted with gum.


Question 01- Are inland letters still available?

Answer- Yes. it can be purchased from from any post office.

Question 02- How do I get an Inland Letter Card?

Answer- Visit the nearest post office and get an inland letter card to use.

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