Various forms for Post Office Small Saving Scheme in English and Hindi

The Postal Directorate has been issued an SB Order regarding the supply of specimens of various forms to be used in the operation of National (Small) Savings Schemes in Hindi and English. These forms are being used in all the post offices to do the various operation for all types of post office savings schemes. This SB order is named SB Order 35/2020.

List of the forms of various Post Office Saving Scheme

These areas under:-

01. SB-AOF- Application for opening of new account/purchase of certificates.

02. SB-KYC- KYC Form
Note: - For new customers or updating existing KYC details.

03. SB-ATM l- ATM_mbanking_ebanking request form

04. SB-103- Pay-in-slip

05. SB-7 - Withdrawal Form

06. SB-7A- Application for the closure of account on maturity

07. SB-7B- Application for premature closure of an account

08. SB-7C- Application for Loan/Withdrawal from RD, PPF, and SSA account 

09. SB-41- Application for issue of duplicate passbook.

10. SB-EXT1 -Application for extension of RD, TD, PPF. and SCSS account

11. SB-83- Application for automatic transfer (Standing Instruction)

12. SB-CQE4- Application for availing cheque facility/issue of fresh cheque book in PO Savings Account
Note: - Provision of SB-CQE4a has been incorporated in SB-CQE4, as such SB-CQE4a is now discontinued.

13. Form-5- Application for Transfer of account

14. Form-7- Application for pledging of account

15. Form-10- Application for cancellation and change of nomination

16. Form-12 - Letter of authority for opening or an operating account on behalf of the 
depositor suffering from physical infirmity including blindness.

17. Form-11- Application for settlement of deceased claim case

18. Form-13- Affidavit

19. Form- l4- Letter of disclaimer

20. Form- 15- Letter of indemnity

Note: Current size and specifications being used for AOF, SB-103, SB-7, SB-7A shall remain unchanged. For SB-7B, and SB-7c, specifications of SB-7A will be applicable and for other forms, A-4 size paper will be used for printing.

You can download the PDF file of the above SB Order 35/2020 from the below link along with all forms.

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