What is Medical Certificate?

It is a certificate which is written by a Government Doctor who attests the result of the medical examination of a particular patient. It is a recommendation of a doctor to the patient or an employee that he is unfit to do work due to health problems. 

Generally, medical certificates are used by government employees as well as students. They use this medical certificate for leave purposes only.

Requirement of Medical Certificate

Here I am sharing some basic requirements to get issued a medical certificate from a doctor.
01. To grant leave on medical ground.
02. To get tax claims.
03. To get insurance claims
04. To get the academic benefit (for students)

Contents of a Medical Certificate

A Medical Certificate has the following content that should be filled by a doctor only.
01. Name of the patient.
02. Address of the patient.
03. Period of medical certificate (effective dates of medical certificate)
04. date of the issuance of the medical certificate along with forenoon or afternoon
05. Name of the diseases.
06. Signature and seal of the doctor.
07. Signature of the patient in the presence of the doctor.

Medical Certificate format

Generally, the format of a medical certificate varies as per purposes. Here I am sharing a Medical Certificate which is used by the central government employee to grant commuted leave on the medical ground.

It has two parts: - 
01. Medical certificate form
02. Medical certificate of fitness

Why does a government employee need a medical certificate?

A Central Government employee has to submit a medical certificate to apply for commuted leave on medical ground basis. He should submit a medical certificate and then a medical fitness certificate to return on duty. 

As we know that the medical certificate format is unique for all the central government employees. You must have to submit a medical certificate in a prescribed format only. Here I am sharing a PDF file of the Medical Certificate Form with the fitness certificate.

Download Medical Certificate form or Medical Certificate format in PDF

Medical Certificate Form PDF, Medical Certificate Form 1a, form 3 & 4  are available here to download

Click here to download the PDF file of Medical Certificate form. 

Download Medical Certificate form 1a in PDF 

Click here to download medical certificate form 1a in PDF format

Download Medical Certificate from 3 and 4 in PDF 

Click here to download medical certificate form 3 and 4 and 5 in PDF format.

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