Diwali Bonus Order for all Postal Employees

As we know that the Modi Government has already announced the Diwali Bonus to all the central government employees. The Department of Post is also a central government department hence all the postal employees of DOP will also be paid this Diwali Bonus 2019-20. Bonus that will be paid to all the postal employees is called Productivity Linked Diwali Bonus.

Who will be paid Diwali Bonus in the Postal Department?

Here I want to tell you that the gazetted officer will not be paid any type of bonus. Only Multu Tasking Staff, Group C postal employees and non-gazetted Group B postal employees will be paid the bonus 2019-2020.

How many days bonus will postal employees get?

The Modi Government has announced productivity linked bonus for the accounting year 2019-20 eqivanlent of emoluments of 60 days to all the employees of Department of Posts.

Calculation of Diwali Bonus 2019-2020 for postal employees
Productivity linked bouns for all the postal employees will be calculated on the basis of the following formulla: -

Average emoluments X Number of days of bonus
        30.4 (average no. of days in a month)

Note: Average emoluments= Celing = 7000/-

7000 X 60

= 13815.78/- 
Rounded to 13816/-

For More information download the PDF file of DOP orders on Diwali Bonus 2019-2020.