Welfare Schemes for Postal Employees || IPO Exam Material ||

Welfare Schemes for Postal Employees || IPO Exam Material ||

Short note on Welfare schemes for Postal Employees

Hey Friends, today I am sharing a short note on various welfare schemes for postal employees. These short note will be very helpful for any of the departmental examinations like IPO Exam, etc.

1. Financial Assistance in case of-

a. death of Postal Employees-10,000/-
b. death of Postal Employees due to terrorist activity/dacoits. while on duty-75,000/-
c. death of Postal Employees while on duty due to accidents 15,000/-
d. Postal Employees by terrorist, robbers activity etc while not on duty- 15000/-

2.Financial assistance in cases of natural calamities, fire and floods- Rs-4,500/-

3. Financial assistance in cases of prolonged and serious illness/major surgeries for Departmental Employees-10,000/- (HOC) for additional FA cases referred to (DG)

4. Financial assistance for regular employees suffering from TB also for their family members.
a. IPD 400/- p.m. (6 month)
b. OPD 200/-p.m. (6 month) not on EOL or HPL 200/-p.m. (6 month)
c. Dependent family members prolonged illness . HOC discretionary powers up to Rs. 10,000/-

5. Grant of Financial assistance for Extra ordinary leave & Half Pay Leave due to prolonged(min.2 months) illness. (BP upto 65,200/-)
a. EOL(30+) -1500 p.m. (36 months)
b. HPL(30+) - 750 p.m. (36months)

6. Financial assistance for purchase of Mechanical / Motorized Tricycle for Orthopedically handicapped Departmental employees.
a. Motorized Tricycle-15,000/- or 50% whichever is less
b. Artificial limb/Wheel chair / Orthopaedic Tricycle- 1000 or 75% whichever is less
c. Actual IInd Class Railway Fare from the place of duty to the Artificial Limb Centre and back.

7. Financial Assistance for Excursion Trips(4-5 days/700km):- 60% cost of railway fare. (BP upto 65,200/-)

8. Financial Assistance to the Central Postal Ladies Organization and its subordinate organizations in the Circles - Rs- 25,000/-

9. Financial assistance to Crèches-
a. Non – recurring grant Rs. 60,000/- for starting a crèche
b.Non – recurring exp of Rs. 20,000/- at the end of every 3 years.
c. Recurring grant Rs. 1,500/- per month per child to the maximum of Rs. 38000/-

10. Financial assistance to Tailoring Classes.-5000/- tailoring teachers-750/-p.m.

11. Financial assistance to Recreation Clubs- 25+25=50/- per head per annum.
a. A maximum grant of Rs.25000/- may be sanctioned for setting up of a recreation club.

12. Financial Assistance to Residents Welfare Association:-30/- per residential quarter per annum.

13. Rent for Holiday Home
a. Basic Pay upto 35,400/-         Rs - 40/- per Day
b. Basic Pay exceeding Rs 35,400/-         Rs -100/- per Day

a. Incentive for excellence in academic achievement for Xth & XIIth (Science/ Commerce/Humanities) Class. (90%)
1st Position in the Circle - Rs. 6000/-
2nd Position in the Circle - Rs. 4800/-
3rd Position in the Circle - Rs. 4200/-
4th Position in the Circle - Rs. 3600/-
5th Position in the Circle - Rs. 3000/-

b. Scholarships for Technical and non Technical. (BP upto 65,200/-)
(i) IIT, IIM, AIIMS) Rs. 1000/- p.m.
(ii) Medical/Tech.Edu/PG Degree Rs. 800/- p.m./ Diploma Rs.300/- p.m.
(iii) Non Tech Degree Girl student undergoing Graduration in any field with a minimum of 60% aggregare marks in class 12th @Rs. 250/-p.m.
(iv) ITI certificate course– Rs.1400/- p.a.

c. Scholarship for UPSC Examinations- Rs2000/- only once to each child. (60%)

d. Scholarship for development of individual personality (BP upto 44,900/-)
(i) Personnel and Labour Management, Public Relations, Sociology, Social Work, Sports (NIS), Welfare Accounting, Computer Programming, Industrial Relations and Banking- @ 75% or Max.- Rs-5000/-

e. Grant of Scholarship and transport charges to handicapped (40%) children (Max.2) of Postal Employees. (BP upto 77,900/-)
(i) Scholarship @ Rs-500/- (Max. 8 years)
(ii) Transports Charge @300 ‘A’ Class Cities @250/- other cities (1st to 12th)
(iii) Hostel/ Mess subsidy @300 ‘A’ Class Cities @250/- other cities.

f. Scholarship for SC/ST employees for departmental examination and higher education.
a) Examination for promotion to the cadre of IPOs/IRMs/JAO/AAO)Examinations and similar cadres = Rs. 1800/-
b) Examination for promotion to the cadre of Junior Accountants in the Postal Accounts , UDCs and other similar cadres= Rs. 1200/-
c) Examination for promotion to posts of Postal Assistants, Sorting Assistants, Sorters and other similar cadres= Rs. 900/-

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