Important questions on Mail Products of the Department of Posts

Important questions on Mail Products of the Department of Posts

The primary work of the post office is a collection, transmission, and delivery of mails. This mail is categorized into various products called mail products. These are as under: - 
  • 01. Letters
  • 02. Postcard- Printed Post Card, Meghdoot Post Card
  • 03. Inland letter card
  • 04. Book Packet- Book packet containing printed books, Book packet containing periodicals, Pattern and sample Packet
  • 05. Registered Newspaper
  • 06. Blind literature Packet
  • 07. Parcel
  • 08. Registered
  • 07. Insured
  • 08.Value payable articles
  • 09. Speed post, etc.

These products are also classified into two parts, first-class mail, and second class mail

The First-class mails are transmitted by air within India and whereas second class mails are transmitted by surface only. If second class mails prepaid with air surface then it will be transmitted by air.

Some important question on Mail product of the department of Post

Here I am sharing some important questions on mail products of India Post. 

Question 01- How many varieties of postcards available in the Department of Post?

Answer- Two (Printed Post Card, Meghdoot Post Card)

Question 02- If a parcel found in a letter box than how is it treated for charges?

Answer- Registered Parcel

Question 03- Registered Newspaper should be published at intervals but not more than.......... days?

Answer- 31 days

Question 04- The weight of a registered parcel should not exceed......kgs if posted at or addressed to a branch post office?

Answer- 10 kg

Question 05- What is the maximum weight of pattern and sample packet?

Answer- 2 kg

Question 06- The registration number allotted to the newspaper should be printed on the newspaper................?

Answer- Top of the front page of newspaper

Question 07- What is the fee for registration of a registered newspaper?

Answer- no fee

Question 08- What is the maximum dimensions of unfoled Inland letter card?

Answer- 30 cm x 21 cm

Question 09- What is the compensation fee to be paid in respect of international parcels for loss 
or total theft or total damage?

Answer- 40 SDR per parcel and 4.50 SDR per kg

Question 10- Book packets containing periodicals must be registered with.......?

Answer- Registrar of newspapers in India

Question 11- The length of a parcel should not exceed ...........meter and the length and girth combined should not exceed ............meter?

Answer- 1 meter and 1.8 meters.

Question 12- What is the maximum weight of a letter?

Answer- 2 kg

Question 13- What is the maximum weight of a book packet?

Answer- 5 kg

Question 14- What is the maximum weight of the Inland letter card?

Answer- 5 gm

Question 15- Who is the competent authority to prescribe that every letter having contents of specific nature and posted at or addressed to places?

Answer- Director-General.

Question 16- Upto which value articles can be insured at a branch post office?

Answer- Rs 600/-

Question 17- What is the dimension of a postcard?

Answer- 14 cm x 9 cm

Question 18- What is the compensation fee to be paid in respect of international registered article booked in India for loss, total theft, or total damage?

Answer- 30 SDR

Question 19- If a parcel is suspected to contain other than the permitted communication, it will be opened in the presence of the addressee or his authorized agent, and each written communication will be charged on delivery .............postage.

Answer- Double of the letter.

Question 20- Which is the registered article that cannot be insured?

Answer- Registered Postcard.

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