DOP Internet Banking- Hey friends, do you know the Department of Post which is also known as India Post, started internet banking or mobile banking for their customers. Now DOP customer (Post Office Customer) can also avail internet banking or mobile banking service for post office account. Today I am going to share about (1) what is DOP internet banking? (2) Dop mobile i

How India Post Internet Banking can help you

What is DOP Internet Banking?

It is a online banking provided by Indin Post. It allowes customer to do transation online. DOP internet banking is also known as India Post Internet Banking.

India Post internet banking offers customers just about every service that is traditionally available through local Post office branch.

It provides immediate fund transfer facility to users. Overall we can say that India Post internet banking saves valuable time of the users.

Department of Post has started providing internet banking to their customers from december 2018. Inter operable internet banking was inaugrated by Hon'ble MOC IC on 14.12.2018.

DOP internet banking is still limited to the department of post only. There is no linking to other banks. 

DOP Internet banking is an extension of our saving bank services to facilitate our existing customers for transfer of fund within DOP i.e. saving account to saving account, saving account to TD account, saving accout to RD account, saving account to PPF account, saving account to SSA account, view saving account balance and nominee details, etc.

An SB order nk. 01/2019 dated 03.01.2020 was also issued by the Department of Post regarding intra operable Net banking for POSB saving accounts with SOP, FAQs and India Post internet banking registration form.

Who can avail DOP Internet banking facility
Customer should has a saving bank account in any of CBS post office.
Single and Joint, both type of accounts are eligible to avail this facility.
Joint A, minor, lunatic, illiterate are not allowed for internet banking. BO accounts are also not eligiable for availbling India posf internet banking.

How to activate DOP internet banking

There are some pre requisite before activating India Post Internet Banking. these are as under: -
01. CIF should be updated with valid email id, valid mobile number and valid PAN card.
02. CIF should be updated first name, last name, date of birth, gender, father name, valid identity and address proof, correct present address, mother maiden name. 

POSB account holder has to apply internet banking by filling up
. POSB (ATM card/internet/mobile/sms banking service request form.

Servicr request form has to be submitted only in the CBS post office where SB account stands.

Other SOL SB accounts nees to be transferred as per laid down  procedure before enabling internet banking.

Verify the signature and photograph of the customer from IE Menu and tally it with the service request form.

Counter PA has to ensure that all the rquired filled in form have been properly filled.

Counter PA will enable the internet banking through CMRC Menu.

Mobile number should be unique for each customer and same number should not be used for any other CIF.

Supervisor/PA has to verify the modification done in CMRC. After verification, supervisor will make entry in register to be maintained in CBS post office.

List of facilities available in DOP internet banking

Hey friends, here I am sharing all the facilities which is available in India Post internet banking. these are as under.
  • 01. Account balance enquiry
  • 02. Mini statement
  • 03. Fund transfer from POSB account to POSB. 
  • 04. Fund transfer from POSB account to other POSB schemes i.e. TD, RD, PPF, etc.
  • 05. View nominee details
  • 06. View stop/issued cheques
  • 07. View principal and interest credit details in TD, RD, PPF, MIS, NSC/KVP, SCSS POSB schemes.
  • 08. View all transaction
  • 09. View incomplete transaction
  • 10. TDS enquiry
  • 11. Manage enquiry
  • 12. Add payee/view payee

How to login in India Post internet banking 

After activating internet banking, You have to visit its official website ( to login in India Post Internet banking.

Click here to login in DOP internet banking.

DOP Internet Banking Registration form

If you want to register yourself for Internet banking then you have to download DOP Internet banking registration from from thr below link. Fill the registration form and visit your home branch post office to submit it. 

Click here to download DOP internet banking resgistration form in PDF format.

DOP internet banking customer care number

If you have any query regarding India Post Internet banking then you can call its customer care number from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm.

You can also contact by sending an email to [email protected]

FAQs on DOP internet banking

01. How to access DOP internet banking?
Answer- You have to visit its official website

02. How to register for DOP internet banking?
Answer- Just visit you home branch post office, fill the DOp internet banking registration form and submit it to the post office. Internet banking will be activated next day. Use will get a confirmation SMS of activation of internet banking.

03. How I will get my customer ID?
Answer- CIF number will be the customer id.

04. Can I change my user id as to remember CIF is very difficult?
Answer- Yes, user id can be changed. ebanking>login>my profile>chennal ID.

05. What if some of my post office accounts are visible in Internet Banking?
Answer- Visit your home branch post office and change your CIF id with ebanking registered CIF>customer ID.

06. What type of account can be opened under internet banking?
Answer- RD and TD account can be opened online. General Services>service request>new request

07. Can I schedule a fund transfer for future date?
Answer- Yes, Schedule fund transfer facility is available for POSB account only.

08. Can I deposit/withdraw money from my PPF account?
Answer- Yes, Through internet banking, deposit and withdrawal from ppf account is possible. (under the dame CIF)

09. Can I get passbook for RD and TD account opended through internet banking?
Answer- Yes. Visit your home branch post office for getting passbook for RD and TD account opened through ebanking.