Extension of last date for submission of Life certificate

Recently an order has been issued by the ADG PO of  postal Directorate regarding submission of digital and physical life certificates by various pensioners at Jeevan Pramaan Centre at Head Post Office.

It is a covering order of a DoPt order no. 18/01/2020-P&PW(C)-6681 dated 11.09.2020. Actually, it has been decided due to covid-19 pandemic situation.

What is new last date of submission of life certificates by the pensioner

Now the pensioners can submit the life certificates upto 30 December 2020 in both format. i.e. physical and digital.

During this extended period the pension will continue to be paid by the PDAs.

These instruction should be brought in to the notice of all DDOs and all pensioner.

You may also download the PDF file the these orders from the below link.

Click here to download