Hey friends, Do you know that what is rule 38 transfer postal department and what is rule 38 transfer rulings Postal Department? If don't know then read this article to get full information about rule 38 transfer in Postal Department.

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What is Rule 38 Transfer in Postal Department?

It is a general rule for government employees that allows employees to transfer from one division to another. It can be either between the divisions of the same circle or between divisions of another circle. 

When these rules are implemented in the Department of Post then it called Rule 38 transfer in Postal Department.

What is the process for Rule 38 transfer?

If any postal employee wants to transfer himself from one division to another division then he should fill the rule 38 transfer form in three copies along with a simple application that is addressed to the Head of Circle.  

You have to justify proper reason for rule 38 transfer.

Just send the above documents to your Divisional office through the proper channels. The divisional office will ask the respective division regarding the vacancy position in the same category. If there is a vacancy in the division, then your rule 38 transfer form will be forwarded to the Circle Office or Regional Office.

The head of the Circle will decide that you will be transferred or not. If all required eligibility fulfills then HOC considers the application of rule 38 transfer. 

Rule 38 transfer form

Generally, it is a simple form that is used for rule 38 transfer. It is also called rule 38 transfer request letter or rule 38 transfer form.

Here I am going to the latest rule 38 transfer form Postal department PDF download. You can check it from the below link

Know rule 38 transfer rulings Postal Department

The Postal Directorate has already been issued a full guideline for rule 38 transfer in 2019. This guideline is applicable to regulate transfers of Group C officials, Group B official non gazetted, and assistant superintendent of Posts.

You can check rule 38 transfer rulings Postal Department in PDF from the below link.

Rule 38 transfer rulings postal department PDF download

Click here to download the PDF file of "Guidelines for transfer."    


Latest Rule 38 transfer list of all postal circles

Here I am going to share rule 38 transfer latest new for postal employees. Each circle issues various orders for rule 38 transfer inter circle or intra-circle.

Two separate lists will be issued by the circle office of the respective circle for inter circle transfer and intra-circle transfer.

You can check rule 38 transfer list, rule 38 transfer list Rajasthan circle, rule 38 transfer list UP Circle, rule 38 transfer list WB circle, rule 38 transfer list TN circle, rule 38 transfer list Bihar circle, etc from the below link.

rule 38 transfer form