Minutes of meeting for cadre restructuring of PAO (Postal Accounts Office)

As we know that cadre restructuring will be scheduled in forthcoming days for Postal Accounts office. 

Recently a meeting was also held on 11.09.2020 on cadre restructuing of PAOs in view of CSI implementation.

Here I am sharing the minutes of the above meeting.

Minutes of meeting of Committee on Restructuring of Postal Accounts Office (PAOs)

Second meeting of the Committee was held on 11th September, 2020 and chaired by Shri Charles Lobo, Member (Operations). The following officers attended the meeting:
  • 1. Ms. Smriti Sharan, DDG Establishment
  • 2. Shri Shivendu Gupta, GM(F), Raj. Circle
  • 3. Ms. B. P. Sridevi, DDG (Tech)
  • 4. Shri Sachin Kishore, PMG Jodhpur, Raj, Circle
  • 5. Shri A. Saravanan, Director CEPT Chennai

2. Shri M. Eleesha, CPMG, Telangana Circle was the special invitee and attended the meeting.
3. Shri G.K. Padhy, Sr, DDG (PAF) was indisposed and Shri D, K. Jaini represented on his behalf.

4. Shri Adnan Ahmed, DDG PO Member was not able to attend the meeting.

5. The meeting began with a short presentation highlighting decisions taken in the last meeting and this meeting's agenda. It was decided in the last meeting of the Committee with Sr. DDG (PAF) that a Small group is to be nominated which will comprise of: -
  • a) Shri G. K. Padhy will chair the group,
  • b) Shri Shivendu Gupta, GM (F), Rajasthan Circle.
  • c) Shri Pandey, GM (F), Nagpur, Maharashtra Circle
  • d) Shri Abhishek Singh, Director Accounts representing DoP HQ.

5.1 This group ought to study the working of DAP to remove all redundant processes and prepare SoP. Shri Shivendu Gupta was assigned with the task to make a Model of an ideal DAP/PAO functioning. This task is to be completed within one month. Shri Padhy will oversee the study in three circles namely; Rajasthan,
Maharashtra and Odisha. Officers from Postal side will also form part of the group.

5.2 The Committee was informed that the study report for three Circles namely; Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Odisha to be conducted by Sr. DDG (PAF) is yet to be submitted.

6. Sr. DDG (PAF) has moved a file recently for merger of two Committees i.e. Committee on restructuring of PAOs under the Chairmanship of Shri Charles Lobo, Member (O) and Committee on Cadre Review of Group B & C (non￾gazetted) of PAOs (constituted vide OM dated 05.03.2020) constituted under the Chairmanship of Sr. DDG (PAF). This proposal for merger of these two committees was approved by the Secretary (Posts).

6.1 Three members are common in these Committee as follows: -
  • i. Sr. DDG (PAF)
  • ii. DDG (Estt.)
  • iii. DDG (PO)
6.2 The rest of the Members of the Committee on Cadre Review of Group B & C (non-gazetted) of PAOs are as follows: -
  • DDG (P)
  • GM (PAF), West Bengal
  • GM (PAF), Tamil Nadu
  • DA (P), PAO Odisha

6.3 The Chair decided to Co-opt the members from the second committee as shown in Para-6.2 above. The Chair also decided that a subcommittee will be constituted with the members at Para-6.2 above. This subcommittee will continue to work on the Cadre Restructure of non gazetted Group 'B' and 'C' as per the ToRs of the second committee as follow: -

a) To study the feasibility of re-structuring of Group-C Cadre and Group-B (Non￾Gazetted) starting from MTS Cadre and devise the mechanism for this restructuring .

b) To review the norms for merger of LDC and DEO (Only available in PAO
Chennai Officer) to that of Accounts Assistant, also renaming/upgradation of the existing posts if required,
To review the financial implications while such merger/renaming/up-gradation etc. of these posts.

c) To review the work allotment to be assigned to the posts which will emerge after merger/renaming/u p-g radation etc.

d)  To review the promotional channel of Sr. Accountants to AAO or any other level under SCF category.

e) Upon roll out of CSI in the Department of Posts, the sphere of all work at PAO level, requires due modification/role alternation. The committee will review the
structure and submit a model for proper integration of primary accounting units (DDOs) & secondary accounting units (PAOs).

6.4 Once the study is completed the subcommittee will submit the report to the main committee for deliberations. The Main Committee will further integrate a common report to submit its recommendations before the Secretary.

7. The Committee was informed that staff association from the Accounts side had submitted a representation against the decentralization of PAOs and the submission given by CPMG Telangana. The representation has already been sent to CPMG Telangana and Chair desired that comments may be sent by COMG, Telangana within one week.

8. The Chair informed that Sr. DDG (PAF) has already be requested to submit PA Wing's views on the association's demands.

9. The Chair further informed that FNPO affiliated Group 'C' Union has
represented saying that decentralization of PAOs will be a welcome step towards proper auditing of PO work. Even though they are not stakeholders but since they are operative side of the Department their views will be duly examined at the appropriate time.

10. The Committee dwelled on 'suspense amounts'which was brought up by Sr DDG (PAF) during the last meeting. Sr. DDG (PAF) was of the view that suspense is due to CSI but Shri Saravanan, Director (CEPT) said that it is due to wrong classification and requires remapping, Since, Obsolete GLs will be dropped after the review, more clarity will emerge. Meetings are being held to remove unnecessary Gls
with the help of PAF. He further clarified that the suspense amounts appear in E￾lekha and not CSI. It is seen DAPs have returned several schedules. No orders have been issued to stop returning vouchers. DAP/ PAO are, therefore, required to ensure that vouchers reach their office, Sr. DDG (PAF) has moved a file on increased
suspense amounts and DDG (Technology) informed that a response is being prepa red.

11. The Chair informed the Committee Members that Shri Shivendu Gupta has submitted a note as a member of the Committee containing his personal views on restructuring and same has been taken on record.

12. The Chair decided that Sr. DDG (PAF) may present both reports i.e. Ideal model of PAO/DAP functioning and views of PAF on Association's representation by 5th Oct, 2020.

13. The next meeting will be held on 7th Oct, 2O2O tentatively.