Hey friends, do you know, what is GDS BPM or GDS in the post office (Gramin Dak Sevak means)? and do you want to know about Gramin Dak Sevak Salary? If you want to know Gramin dak Sevak means (GDS meaning) and its salary detail (Gramin Dak Sevak Salary) then you have read this post up to the end.

Gramin dak sevak salary 2021 & Gramin dak sevak means

Gramin Dak Sevak means (What is GDS & GDS BPM)?

Gramin Dak Sevak means- GDS (Gramin Dak Sevak) is a post in the Departments of Posts, which is working under the Ministry of Communications. Gramin Dak Sevak is the lowest post in the whole department. 

Basically, GDS is a central government employee but it is called an extra-departmental employee in the language of the Department of Posts. It has three categories.

  • GDS BPM- Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Post Master
  • GDS ABPM-Gramin Dak Sevak Assistant Branch Post Master
  • Dak Sevak -Gramin Dak Sevak 

What is GDS BPM and GDS meaning?

Hello friends, here I am explaining to you a simple GDS BPM meaning. Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Post Master is the full form of GDS BPM. GDS BPM means that he is the branch postmaster of a branch post office (BO) and manages all the work of that particular branch post office. 

GDS BPM full form:- Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Postmaster

Although a huge number of employees are already working in India Post GDS BPM, many posts of GDS BPM are still vacant in the various post offices. 

In nowadays, the Department of Posts is continuously recruiting for the post of GDS in post offices.  Hence we all know that India Post GDS BPM is also a post which is working in the post offices.

GDS BPM Work in post office

Actually, the working hours of a GDS BPM are 5 hours only. All the work of that branch post office will be managed by a GDS BPM (Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Postmaster) during these working hours.

GDS BPM works:- He also manages all wor of branch post office including the work of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) and ensures counter operation during the prescribed working hours. 

The overall management of postal facilities, maintenance of records, upkeep of handheld device/ laptop/ equipment ensuring online transactions, and marketing of Postal, IPPB services and procurement of business in the villages or Gram Panchayats within the jurisdictions of the branch pot office should rest on the shoulders of GDS BPM. 

He is the team leader of the branch post office and overall responsibility of smooth and timely function of post office including mail conveyance and mail delivery.

He might be assisted by GDS ABPM (Gramin Dak Sevak Assistant Branch Postmaster) of the same branch post office. In some branch post offices, the GDS BPM has to do all the works of GDS BPM /GDS ABPM.

Note: The work of IPPB which is performed by a GDS BPM will not be included in the calculation of TRCA, since the same is being done on an incentive basis.

Before joining the post of GDS BPM, the Department of Posts gives training to GDS BPM. You will be happy to hear that GDS employees also have a union. GDS BPM union also works to protect the right of GDS BPM employees.

Gramin Dak Sevak Salary 2022 (updated)

The department of Posts gives salary on a TRCA basis to GDS BPM. TRCA means Time Related Continuity Allowance. It is also known as the GDS BPM pay scale. 

The Gramin Dak Sevak Salary (GDS BPM salary) was very low in the previous years 2017, 2018, and 2019 but recently, it had been increased.

Here I am sharing the calculation of Gramin Dak Sevak salary 7th pay commission in the year 2022. The details are as under: -

➤The minimum TRCA for 4 hours is Rs. 12,000/- per month and maximum to Rs. 29,380/-
➤The minimum TRCA for 5 hours is Rs. 14,500/- per month and maximum to Rs. 35,480/

I know that you did not understand TRCA. You still have a question in your mind that what is the actual salary of a GDS BPM in the year 2020. So, I am sharing a pic of the Gramin sak sevak salary slip. Check the below sample picture of the GDS BPM salary slip that helps to understand the GDS BPM pay scale.

Sample picture of Gramin dak sevak Salary 2022 slip 

Gramin dak sevak salary 2021 & Gramin dak sevak means

Sample of Gramin Dak Sevak Salary 2022 slip 👆

Gramin Dak Sevak Salary 7th pay commission

After the implementation of the 7th CPC, some more benefits have also been granted to GDS BPM employees. These are as under:-

➤ GDS BPM can avail CEA (Children Education allowance ) up to Rs. 6000/- per year.
➤ GDS BPM can avail stationery charges of Rs.25/- per month.
➤ GDS BPM can avail Rs.500 for standard office rent and Rs.200 for non-standard office rent.
➤ GDS BPM can also opt for voluntary retirement benefits with minimum service of 10 years.

Recruitment, promotion, and transfer of a GDS BPM (Gramin Dak Sevak)

GDS BPM recruitment:- The Department of Posts invites online forms for the post of GDS (Gramin Dak Sevak), GDS BPM, and GDS ABPM. You can apply online for the of GDS or GDS BPM at the Gramin Dak Sevak recruitment official website www.appost.in & indiapostgdsonline.gov.in. GDS BPM results can be seen at only this portal.

The department has already been invited online form for the post of GDS in the year 2020. You must visit the official website for the latest GDS online recruitment notifications. If Gramin Dak Sevak's online recruitment process is going on in any circle, then you can also apply online for the GDS BPM post.

GDS BPM selection process:- It is a totally online process to recruit Gramin Dak Sevak. You have passed 10th class from a recognized board or its equivalent. You will be selected on a merit basis as per marks obtained in the 10th class.

GDS BPM transfer:- The department of Posts gives a transfer facility to a GDS BPM. A male GDS BPM can be transferred only one time but a female GDS BPM has two changes for transfer.

GDS BPM Promotion:- GDS BPM can be promoted on the post of MTS, PA, and Postman in the post offices. He will have to fight the departmental exam of the India Post. The department of posts conducts various departmental examinations for promotion from the GDS BPM post.


Today I told you about Gramin dak Sevak salary 2022 in Hand after 7th Pay commission. I also described Gramin dak Sevak salary chart and payslip here. You have to check it to know more about Dak Sevak salary 2022.