An order has been issued by the PLI Directorate regarding the revision of approver limits of proposals and settlement of claims in respect of PLI and RPLI.

It has been decided by the PLI directorate to simplify the process of acceptance of new proposals and facilitate settlement of PLI claims within Citizen Charter's norms.

Revised approver limits

These limits (for single or aggregate assured) are categorized into two parts. The details are as under:-

01. A new proposal, revival, surrender, forced surrender, maturity, survival, death claims (except early death claims) 

👉 Up to and equal to Rs. 20 lakhs ⏩ Postmaster (HSG I and HSG II, Sr. Postmaster (Gr. B), Dy.  Chief Postmaster (Gr. B), A.D. of HO (Gr. B) headed by Director

👉 Greater than Rs. 20 lakhs and up to and equal to Rs. 50 lakhs ⏩ Head of Division (Gr. A and Gr. B), Chief Postmaster (Gr. A), Dy. Director of HO (Gr. A) headed by Director

02. Early death PLI claim ( Death within 3 years of acceptance of the policy

👉 All cases ⏩ Director GPO (JAG), Director (HQ) / Regional DPS (JAG)