Clarification on issuance of duplicate KVP NSC certificate

Hey, Do you know that how to issue duplicate KVP NSC certificates from a post office. Friends, here I am explaining all about of issuance of duplicate NSC or KVP certificates.

Recently, a SB order has been issued by the Postal Directorate which is named SB order 30/2020. In this SB Order, the Postal Directorate wants to clarify some issues of issuance of duplicate NSC or KVP certificates.

Procedure to issue a duplicate NSC certificate and KVP certificate

There are two types of procedure available for issuance of duplicate NSC/KVP certificate. 

01. For those certificates which were issued before 01.07.2016

Generally, these KVP/NSC certificates are pre printed and these were issued before 01.07.2016. As per SB orders, the procedure prescribed in rule 160  pf POSB CBS Manual and rule 43 & 44 of POSB Manual Vol- II should be followed after receipt of payment fees prescribed in GSPR 2018 schedule II for issue of passbook in lieu of lost or mutilated certificates per registration.

After issue of sanction by Postmaster of HO, the duplicate to be issued and details of old certificates are to be entered manually in the passbook under dated signature with desgination stamp of Postmaster.

02. For those certificates which are issued after 01.07.2016

 These NSC KVP certificates were issued after 01.07.2016 in the shape of passbook.
As per SB order, the procedue prescribed in for issuance of duplicate passbook in rule no. 45 of POSB CBS manual and rule 68 of POSB manual volume I should be followed after receipt of payment of fees prescribed in GSPR 2018 scheduled II for issue of duplicate passbook.

You can also download the PDF file of the above SB order 30/2020 from the below link.