IPPB end user incentive structure 2020

India Post Payment Bank had approved the incentive structure in Feb 2019.
As per the above orders, there are three levels of employees which will be get the incentive. 

Level 0 -
  • GDS BPM for single hand BOs
  • GDS DA for double hand BOs
  • Postman/PA for SOs and HOs

Level 1-
  • GDS BPM for double hand BOs
  • SPM for SOs
  • PM for HOs

Level 2- 
  • ASP/IP for BO, SO and HO

What is the rate of IPPB incentive

IPPB gives incentive to their level 0 employees for opening of new IPPB account and for customer transaction also.

Incentive for new IPPB account opening

India Post Payments Bank gives incentive for the opening of both types of accounts- SB account and current account.

01. For the opening of a new Saving Bank Account 

IPPB gives Rs. 7/- incentive to GDS employee for opening a new IPPB account.

1. Rs. 100/- should be deposited within 30 days of saving account opening.
2. POSB linking with IPPB account should be done within 30 days of account opening 
Cumulative revenue generation of Rs. 30/- within 90 days of account opening.

02. For the opening of new current Account 

IPPB gives Rs. 45/- incentive to GDS employee for opening a new current account.

Rs. 1000/- MAB for consecutive 3 months.
Cumulative revenue generation of Rs. 50/- within 90 days of account opening.

An incentive for customer transaction

IPPB gives incentives for each type of transaction which is done by the IPPB customers.

01. For AePS transaction

IPPB gives either Rs. 3.75/- or 0.1 25% of the total transaction amount, whichever is least, the incentive for AePS transaction.

02. For NEFT, IMPS and bill payments transaction

IPPB gives incentive as 25% of revenue generated per transaction for NEFT, IMPS, and bill payments transaction.

03. For IPPB Mobile banking app transaction done by the customer

The respective GDS who opened that account will be getting an incentive of 0.5% of revenue generated from transactions done through IPPB mobile banking application.

04. For Doorstep transaction

The respective Gramin Dak Sevak will be getting 25% of revenue generated from doorstep transactions.

Revenue generated for cash transactions through doorstep should be more than 25/- Rs.
Revenue generated for the non-cash transactions through doorstep should be more than 15/- Rs.

Click here to download IPPB circular on the incentive structure