Important Exam Material for LDCE PA SA, MTS and Postman Mail Gurad Exam

Important Exam Material for LDCE PA SA, MTS and Postman Mail Gurad Exam

Important Dates of the various event in the history of Postal Department

24.03.1766- Robert Clive started Manual Postal System in West Bengal

31.03.1774- Warren Hastings (Governor General) has opened Calcutta, GPO to accept the mails of local public

1781- PMG Calcutta has been appointed

12.08.1854- Imperial Post Office Act introduced, Inauguration of regular India Post services

01.10.1854- First Director General (MrRiddel) appointed under Imperial
Post Office Act, Issue / inauguration of First Postal Stamp, Parcel service started, डाक विभाग भारत में प्रथम संगठित केन्द्रीयकृत विभाग के रूप में कार्यरत हुआ

1863- First ‘Moving Post Office सचल डाकघर’ has been started between Allahabad and Kanpur

1870- First ‘Superintendent’ appointed at headquarter of Allahabad

1880- ‘Moving Post Office सचल डाकघर’ has been named as Rail Mail Service

1887- ‘Sorting Office’ started/opened at important Railway Stations, Airports and other places

1876- India became a member of Union Postal Union which is an agency of UNO

01.02.1884- Start of PLI

1949- Mohd Rafi Ahmed Kidwai our first Communication Minister has started All Up Scheme with the introduction of Sunday as Postal Holiday

02.04.1951- First Postal Training Center started at Saharanpur UP

15.08.1972- PIN code started

1914 – 31.12.1984 Postal & Telecom worked jointly

01.01.1985- Postal & Telecom Departments separated

01.08.1986- Speed Post start

14.05.1988- Speed Post-Money Order started (however withdrawn

1991- Introduction of AMPC (Automated Mail Processing Center)
1993 – Mumbai 1996 – Chennai 2012 – New Delhi

1993- Corporate Logo of ‘India Post’ introduced

10.10.2008- EMO introduced

Jan 2006- Instant Money Order started

30.01.2004- e-Post service started

2004 – 2005- Logistic Post

June 2005- Direct Post

March 1999- Express Parcel Post started which later in 2013 bifurcated
into EPP and Business Parcel

2005- Bill Mail Service

18.07.2005- Mail pick up service started

11.04.2008- New Delhi GPO has been awarded ISO certificate

28.02.2013- With effect from this date there no office named as Mail
Business Center (MBC), rather, they shall forthwith be
called Business Post Center (BPC)

05.03.2013- On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Shastri
Bhavan PO New Delhi – 110001 has been inaugurated as MahilaDakghar by Shri Kapil Sibbal the then Communication Minister. The first SPM (Mahila) was SmtBimla Bhatia


India Post comes under the Ministry of Communication headed by Director General (Post) having headquarter situated at New Delhi, who is also known as Secretary (Post) and Chairman of Postal Service Board.

There are six members other than Chairman of Postal Service Board

  • 1. Member (Personnel)
  • 2. Member (Operation)
  • 3. Member (Technology)
  • 4. Member (PLI) & Chairman (Investigation Board)
  • 5. Member (HRD)
  • 6. Member (Planning)

India Post has been divided into –
Postal Circles -> Regions -> Divisions -> HO / SO / BO

All Postal Circle along with their jurisdiction and headquarter

There are a total of 23 circles working in the Department of Posts which are as under: -

01. Andhra Pradesh Circle
Jurisdiction- Andhra Pradesh, Yaman 
Headquarter- Hyderabad

02. Assam Circle
Jurisdiction- Assam 
Headquarter- Guwahati

03. North East Circle
Jurisdiction- Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Mizoram 
Headquarter- Shilling

04. Bihar Circle
Jurisdiction- Bihar 
Headquarter- Patna

05. Delhi Circle
Jurisdiction- Delhi 
Headquarter-New Delhi

06. Gujarat Circle
Jurisdiction- Gujarat, Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Div  

07. Jammu and Kashmir Circle
Jurisdiction- Jammu and Kashmir 
Headquarter- Srinagar

08. Kerala Circle
Jurisdiction- Kerala, Lakshuyadwip 

09. Madhya Pradesh Circle
Jurisdiction- Madhya Pradesh 
Headquarter- Bhopal

10. Maharashtra Circle
Jurisdiction- Maharashtra, Goa 
Headquarter- Mumbai

11. Karnataka Circle
Jurisdiction- Karnataka 
Headquarter- Bangaluru

12. Orrisa Circle
Jurisdiction- Orrisa 
Headquarter- Bhubneshwar

13. Himachal Pradesh Circle
Jurisdiction- Himachal Pradesh 
Headquarter- Shimla

14. Punjab Circle
Jurisdiction- Panjab and Chandigarh, UT
Headquarter- Chandigarh

15. Haryana Circle
Jurisdiction- Haryana
Headquarter- Ambala

16. Rajasthan Circle
Jurisdiction- Rajasthan 
Headquarter- Jaipur

17. Tamil Nadu Circle
Jurisdiction- Tamilnadu, Puducherry, UT 
Headquarter- Chennai

18. Uttar Pradesh Circle
Jurisdiction- Uttar Pradesh 
Headquarter- Lucknow

19. West Bengal Circle
Jurisdiction- West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Sikkim

20. Uttarkhand Circle
Jurisdiction- Uttarkhand 
Headquarter- Dehradun

21. Chhattishgarh Circle
Jurisdiction- Chattishgarh 
Headquarter- Raipur

22. Jharkhand Circle
Jurisdiction- Jharkhand 
Headquarter- Ranchi

23. Telangana Circle
Jurisdiction- Telangana 
Headquarter- Hyderabad

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