Discontinue of use of ACG 67 for physical receipt

Recently, an order has been issued by the postal directorate regarding discontinuation of usage of the physical receipt of ACG 67 form.

ACG 67 form is being used in many types of purposes in the post offices. After the implementation of CSI, all kinds of payments that were received through ACG 67 form receipt, have been incorporated in the CSI system, hence these are now received through Point of Sale in post offices. Hence the feasibility of discontinuation of the receipt is being examined.

However, discontinuation of physical use of ACG 67 form receipt may lead to issue uncertain circumstances viz. network issue, hardware breakdown, etc. and its role in the business continuity plan needs to be examined by the postal directorate.

ACG 67 form receipt has its mention in FHB Vol-I, FHB Vol-II, Postal Manual Vol-II, POSB Manual Vol-I & Postal Manual Vol-VI part 1st.

You can also download the PDF file of these orders from the below link.