Amendment in Clause 144 (3) of Post Office Guide Part 1

An Order has been issued by PO division of the Postal Directorate regarding amendment in clause 144 (3) of Post Office Guide Part 1, as replicated in the Annexure-IV of the consolidated Rulings on Registered News Papers 2008.
It has been amended as under: - 

The Head of the Postal Circle on receipt of the application will calculate the approximate total postage payable by a Registered Newspaper in the month and then require the Newspapers to deposit an amount equivalent to the total of one month's postage as a security deposit. 

The amount of the security may be deposited in cash in a Post Office Savings, security deposit account, or in National Savings Certificates pledged to the Head of the Circle concerned or may be covered by a guarantee from either State Bank of India or a Bank nationalized by Government of India.

The form of guarantee will be similar to that shown in clause 94. The amount of postage due on all postings will be adjusted twice a month on the 16th for posting between the 1st and 15th of the month and 1st of the following month in respect of the postings from the 16th to the end on the month.

Exception: - The requirement of a clause to deposit an amount equivalent to the total of one month's postage, as a security deposit, may not be mandatory for the publications of the Ministries/Departments of Government of India only.

You may also download signed copy of the above order from the below link