Circle should follow instruction for promotion to grade of HSG-I NFG cadre

Recently Postal Directorate has been issued an order to ensure follow directorate's instuction for promotion to grade of HSG-I NFG cadre.

Directorate has been noticed that some of the circles have issued orders granting HSG-I to some official but it is totally infringement of the previous order of Postal Directorate- X-3/3/2019-SPN-II dated 24.06.2019.

Now Postal Directorate is requested to all circles to follow instuction issued vide letter no.
X-3/3/2019-SPN-II dated 24.06.2019 and spirit without any daviation till further orders are issued by the Directorate in this matter.

What are the instruction in the Postal Directorate letter no. X-3/3/2019-SPN-II dated 24.06.2019

Instruction in the above letter is as under:-

Postal Directorate introduced a new post i.e. HSG-I NFG. (Higher Selection Grade-I Non Functional Grade)

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Senior most HSG-I officials with 2 years of minimum service in that grade are eligible for promotion in the grade HSG-I NFG subject to the number of post specified for the circle in this grade.

In same time, Directorate had also been issued order for merger the postmaster carder with general line cadre. After merger of postmaster cadre with general line cadre, if an HSG-I official is promoted to the cadre HSG-I NFG is junior to a postmaster grade III official, who will be HSG-I after merger.

In order to avoid any such situation, it would be appropriate to maintain the 'status quo' in this matter until further order from the directorate.

The Signed copy of these order can download from below link

Ditectorate letter. x-1-3/2019-SPN-II (pt) dated 06.07.2020

Directorate letter no. x-3/3/2019-SPN-II dated 24.06.2019