An order has been issued by the FS Division of Postal Directorate regarding the disposal of unused discontinued KVP/NSC certificates in CSDs.

How to disposal of KVP NSC certificates at CSD

Postal Directorate has provided a prescribed process for the disposal of unused KVP NSC certificates at CSD which are as under:-

The Superintendent of CSD should ensure that all unused certificates including stock of duplicate certificates have been received from respective HO/SO at CSD.

The Superintendent of CSD shall compile the list of unused discontinued certificates (KVP/NSC) denomination wise in triplicate. One copy will be kept in respective CSD, one copy will be sent to respective DAP and one copy is to be sent to Directorate for onward submission to MoF/DEA.

Respective Circle Office will form a committee comprising of 3 members for disposal /destruction of unused discontinued certificates at respective CSD.

B. ACAO/SrAO of o/o GM Finance/DAP
C. Superintendent CSD

The committee will examine and verify the stock to be disposal of with a consolidated list prepared by CSD and will ensure that none of the discontinued certificate KVP/NSC is lying at any HO/SO under the jurisdiction of the CSD, before starting the destruction process.

Discontinued certificate NSC/KVP shall have to be shredded by the shredding machine in the presence of committee members.

After shredding of all unused discontinued certificates available at CSD, the shredded stock of certificate may be sold as waste paper to the paper mills in the presence of committee members.

The amount realized by the sale will be credited into Government account under the head "Unclassified receipt."

The circle will take adequate precautions to ensure all unused unsold stock of certificates is shredded.

A report on destruction of the certificates may be prepared and signed by the committee members. Copy of the same may be submitted to Directorate, Circle, respective GM finance /DAP.

The signed copy of the above orders can be downloaded from here.