Booking of international EMS and international ITPS couriers or articles

Booking of international EMS and international ITPS couriers or articles

Due to COVID-19, booking and delivery of couriers have affected badly. Now the department of posts has been issued an order regarding booking of international EMS articles along with a list of foreign countries. Booking of EMS international is now available for the destination of the below-listed countries.

The destination for international EMS and international ITPS has been reviewed again by the department of post with reference to availability of flight schedule of vande bharat mission of the Air India and other cargo flight.

In order to inconvenience to public and customer, it is decided by the department that booking of international EMS post and international ITPS articles or courier, including commercial articles will only be available for the countries mentioned in below list with effect from 25 July 2020.

The public members may be allowed to recall their article if not dispatched due to non availability of connecting flights. EMS international tracking is also available for public on India Post website.

list of countries for booking of international EMS article or courier is available from 25 July 2020

A. International EMS service

  • 1. Austria
  • 2. Bahrain
  • 3. Belgium
  • 4. Bangladesh
  • 5. Bhutan
  • 6. Canada
  • 7. Denmark
  • 8. Finland
  • 9. France
  • 10. Germany
  • 11. Hungry
  • 12. Italy
  • 13. Mexico
  • 14. Netherlands
  • 15. Norway
  • 16. Oman
  • 17. Philippines
  • 18. Saudi Arabia
  • 19. Sweden
  • 20. Switzerland
  • 21. UAE
  • 22. UK
  • 23. Ukraine
  • 24. USA
  • 25. Vietnam

B. International ITPS

  • 1. Bhutan
  • 2. Philipinnes
  • 3. Vietnam
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