IPPB Circular on destroying cheque book

GM operations of India Post Payments bank wrote a letter to all circle offices and all branches for destroying cheque books issued to all IPPB customers because RBI has instructed to IPPB bank to ensure that all cheque books issued to customers are either withdrawn or destroyed.

IPPB bank instruction for destroying cheque books

Due to RBI instruction, IPPB bank has been ordered to all the branches to ensure the following

  • 1. Customers having cheque leaves issued against his/her account shall be approached and requested to surrender/destroy the cheque leaves.
  • 2. Obtain a signature on the self-declaration format.
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Self-declaration format (Annexure-1)

Here I am sharing self-declaration form in annexure-1 which will be used to destroy cheque books of IPPB customers. You may download this form from the below:

IPPB Circular on destroying cheque book