An order has been issued by the Assistant Director General (SPN) of the Personnel Division of Postal Directorate regarding clarification on Transfer Policy.

Clarification of 5 points in the guideline of transfer policy of India Post

There is five clarification on the different question in this Transfer policy guideline of India Post.

1. Whether 3 years of service condition hold for transfer under rule 38 surplus qualifying official or not as mentioned in earlier Transfer Policy Guideline.

2. The competent authority for deciding inter sub-divisional rule 38 transfer of postman and MTS staff.

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3. Application received after 30 June 2019 may be rejected or take up in the year 2020 without requesting the applicants to submit a fresh application.

4. Disease covered under terminal illness.

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5. A regional head shall be the competent authority to approve the rotational transfer of SBCO officials within a Region.

A signed copy of the letter on clarification in the transfer policy of India Post is attached below for your reference

India Post Transfer Policy Clarification

India Post Transfer Policy Clarification
India Post Transfer Policy Clarification