Nine-hour working day proposed by Centre

The Centre has proposed nine hours of works and a net intake of 2,700 calories in a preliminary draft of the Wages (Central) Rules. However, it has not proposed floor wages. The Labour Ministry has invited comments from stakeholders, including the public, which, can be submitted till 1 December.

The draft rules prescribe six criteria for the fixation of the minimum rate of wages.
The standard working-class family, which includes a spouse and two children apart from the earning worker (an equivalent of three adult consumption units); a net intake of 2,700 calories per day per consumption unit; 66 meters of cloth per year per standard working class family; housing rent expenditure to constitute 10 percent of food and clothing expenditure; fuel, electricity and other miscellaneous items of expenditure to constitute 20 percent of the minimum wage; and expenditure for children’s education, medical requirement and recreation, and expenditure on contingencies, to constitute 25 percent of the minimum wages.