Keyboard shortcut keys for Microsoft Word

Keyboard shortcut keys for Microsoft Word 

It is necessary to have complete knowledge of keyboard shortcut keys to save time and increase the speed of work by doing work on Microsoft Word. Below are shown some keyboard shortcut keys to work on Microsoft Word, which will be very effective when you work on Microsoft Word. 

Keyboard shortcut keys for Microsoft Word

Keyboard Shortcut keys with using a combination of Ctrl

Ctrl + A : Block all text
 Ctrl + B : Make text bold (bold)
 Ctrl + C : Copying text
 Ctrl + D : Looking for type and text effects
 Ctrl + E : Creating text to the middle of the text (centered)
 Ctrl + F : Search for text in the script
 Ctrl + G : Looking into the intended page
 Ctrl + H : Changing the wrong text thoroughly
 Ctrl + I : Make text becomes oblique (italic)
 Ctrl + J : Make the average full text (align justify)
 Ctrl + K : Creating a hyperlink, so that the files are related
 Ctrl + L : Make text left alignment (align left)
 Ctrl + M : Creating advanced text 1.27 cm (left indented)
 Ctrl + N : Create a new worksheet
 Ctrl + O : Open a new file (Ctrl + F12)
 Ctrl + P : Print the page / text
 Ctrl + Q : Create a default paragraph
 Ctrl + R : Make text flush right (align right)
 Ctrl + S : Save the script / file
 Ctrl + T : Creating hanging (hanging paragraph)
 Ctrl + U : Make the bottom line of text (Underline)
 Ctrl + V : Attaching the copy (ctrl + C)
 Ctrl + W : Closing applications that are running word
 Ctrl + X : Plumb / cut text
 Ctrl + Y : Repeat tying (opposite ctrl + Z)
 Ctrl + Z : Countermand 

Keyboard shortcut keys with using combination of Ctrl + Shift

Ctrl + Shift + A : Make a capital letter (together with shift + F3) 
Ctrl + Shift + B : Make bold 
Ctrl + Shift + C : Copy format for text 
Ctrl + Shift + D : Create a double bottom line 
Ctrl + Shift + F : Changing the font (letters) directly 
Ctrl + Shift + K : Makes all caps but the character remains small 
Ctrl + Shift + L : Make bullets 
Ctrl + Shift + N : Restore the situation to normal style 
Ctrl + Shift + P : Changing the font size (font) 
Ctrl + Shift + T : Reduce indenting 
Ctrl + Shift + Q : Change the font becomes a symbol 
Ctrl + Shift + W : Creating underscore text 
Ctrl + Shift + V : Making mormat accordance with the copy (ctrl + shift + c) 
Ctrl + Shift + > : Add the font size 
Ctrl + Shift + < : Decrease font size

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