How to Fix Update issues of Windows 10

To secure and run smoothly, window update is essential to your computer. It ensures that you are getting the latest security updates to protect your computer from harmful threats or virus. Therefore, you should update window 10 of your computer. There are many problems/issues occurs while updating the windows, for which I am going to tell you the appropriate solution to fix these issues today.

How to Fix Update issues in Windows 10

Check your Disk Space 

First of all, we must check disk storage in computer because this might the reason why you are unable to run the update. You need to have sufficient space on your disk to save the necessary files for the update.
This is probably the reason why you can’t complete the update process, please follow the steps given below.
1. Please navigate on your Cortana’s search box and type “Disk Cleanup” without any quotation mark, please select the application.

2. Select the appropriate system drive, commonly, the path should be drive letter C:, please wait for the disk cleanup process to be completed, you will then be able to see the amount of space you can free up. Please make sure not to select the important files, once selected, it will be deleted on your system.

Windows Update Troubleshooter 

If the solution above does not work, you may need to use Microsoft’s fix tool, please visit the link provided below.
1. Once you visit the link provided above, you will be able to download the fix tool from Microsoft.
Click Here
2. Please run the downloaded fix tool, install the program by following the on-screen instructions. 

3. You will be able to see a screen where you will be asked to select a specific option to continue the fix, please select Windows update and hit next.
4. Please wait until the process is done and the issue should be fixed.
Delete and re-download windows update file
Please hold Windows key then hit R (Windows key+R) to open run application.
Copy and paste the path given below and hit enter.

You will be redirected to the update download folder, please delete all files inside that folder by holding CTRL+A, and hit delete. (If there are files that you can’t delete, please reboot your computer to safe mode and delete the files from there.)
After deleting all the files, please do restart your computer and run Windows update again.
Scan Your Computer from Windows defender or antivirus
If a virus is preventing window update, then scanning the computer with antivirus or windows defender will remove the virus and the window update problem will be fixed.